Scaling back

Blue Monday is a test project for a Python library I wrote a while back.

That library is turberfield-dialogue. It lets you write character dialogue in a screenplay style. You can manipulate Python game objects from your dialogue scripts.

My intention was to have a branching story, so that what you typed into the game changed the narrative. Sadly I ran into some technical difficulties.

So I've scaled it all back. This piece is now a linear story which bugs you for a keypress every now and again. 

I had a lot of fun writing the characters. There's lots more story planned for them. But I had plans for a soundtrack too, which is what I'm focusing on now. There's only a few days left, but here's what I hope to achieve:

  • Soundtrack for transitional scenes.
  • Executables for MacOSX and Windows 10.
  • Theme tune playout on credits.

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